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December 31, 2013

Preserving the Restoration Movement

For over twenty years, we have been collecting and scanning books, photographs, 35 mm slides, reel-to-reel and audio cassette audio recordings, and photographing sermon charts┬áthat are ┬árelated to the Restoration Movement. Since 1994, we have produced the Freed-Hardeman Lectures in electronic format. We have scanned all of the known published issues since 1937 and these years are available in a searchable format. Each year, newly discovered lectures are added to the missing lectures between 1937-1952. Hugh McCord’s translation, The Everlasting Gospel, has been converted to a variety of e-text formats. Several books which Freed-Hardeman University holds the copyright have been scanned and made available on CD and DVD, including Questions and Answers I by Guy N. Woods. With the generous help of Don Fox of Saltillo, Mississippi and others, we have produced a collection of over 100 audio debates and this collection continues to grow as older debates are discovered and converted to MP3. With the help of Scott Harp and others, over 75 years of the Gospel Advocate has been scanned with plans to eventually have all issues in a searchable format. Scott Harp provided many debate books which were scanned and produced in PDF. This collection numbers more than 125 debates. In 2012, we began producing the lectureship book for the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies. We scanned all the past printed lectures (East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions) dating back to 1977. Now the lectures from 1977-2016 are available in a searchable format.

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