1937-2017 FHU Lectureship Books in PDF

December 2, 2015

1937-2017 Freed-Hardeman Lectureship Books are available on DVD. This includes several newly discovered lectures from the 1940s. Some years from 1937-53 contain only the list of speakers and topics, but the 1954-2017 include the complete lectureship books in PDF format. The cost of the DVD is $20.00 with free shipping. Click Here to Order.

The Freed-Hardeman Lectures started in 1937 as Special Courses for preachers. In 1941, mimeographed outlines were made available for a nominal fee. From 1953 until 1969, outlines of the lectures were made available each year in printed form. In 1970, the format of the printed lectures was changed to full manuscript lectures in book format. In 1994, the lectureship book was produced for the first time in electronic format and made available on a 3.5 floppy disc in ascii text format. In 1998, all available lectures (1953-1993) were scanned and put on CD-ROM in Acrobat PDF format. Since 1999, the current lectureship is added to the CD collection which now totals sixty-four years and over 20,000 pages in PDF format.

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